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IWBF 2018 World's - most thrilling

(Men's) Turkey vs. Netherlands (Crossover - elimination game) 

ASE Sports (Marc & Ben) Commentating

Women's Gold Medal 2018 World's

Netherlands vs. Great Britain

25 Aug 2018

Commentated by Vanessa & Dylan

The Orange Angels (jammin Dutch ladies) ride bus back with Gold on the ceiling.  ......was just a matter of time.

ASE interviews German Head Coach on WCBB

German Coach Nic Zeltinger on the World's  'Para' Sport of Wheelchair Basketball, in Germany and Europa

Bronze Medal game World's 2018(W)

(Women's) Germany vs. China

ASE Sports (Marc/Ben ) Commentating

Men's Semi Final 1 from Hamburg

USA, USA, USA! vs. 3-peat seeking Australia(24 Aug, 2018)

Marc(ASE Sports) & Vanessa commentating

and the World's won't stand still - Midnight Oil

Semi-Final 1 -Women, GB vs. Germany

(W) Great Britain vs. Germany

 24 Aug 18

Dylan and Ben  Commentating 

You're an All-star,  smash mouths

Top Evening Game

(Men's) Turkey vs. Japan (game 1)

ASE Sports (Marc & Ben) commentating

Europa - Thomas Dolby 

brought to you from/by Hamburg, Germany and from/by breaking down walls.

Auf Weidersehen MTV video - to Europa & to the World's!

& to the best Para/WCBB event that 2 sports reporter/kommentators with the whole world watching, could ever dream up..... 

' my heart-beat racing, and you were more than just a dream'