UTA Movin Mavs. vs. Toronto/Canada - 2018

Feb, 2018 UTA Campus - net driller OT thriller 

Women's Gold Medal 2018 World's

Netherlands vs. Great Britain

25 Aug 2018

Commentated by Vanessa & Dylan

The Orange Angels (jammin Dutch ladies) ride bus back with Gold on the ceiling.  ......was just a matter of time.

PURPLE - World's/Tech's Best

Other Sponsors - World's best!

Bronze Medal game World's 2018(W)

(Women's) Germany vs. China

ASE Sports (Marc/Ben ) Commentating

Men's Semi Final 1 from Hamburg

USA, USA, USA! vs. 3-peat seeking Australia(24 Aug, 2018)

Marc(ASE Sports) & Vanessa commentating

and the World's won't stand still - Midnight Oil

Semi-Final 1 -Women, GB vs. Germany

(W) Great Britain vs. Germany

 24 Aug 18

Dylan and Ben  Commentating 

You're an All-star,  smash mouths

Top Round Games

(Men's) Turkey vs. Netherlands (Crossover - elimination game) 

ASE Sports (Marc & Ben) Commentating

Europa - Thomas Dolby 

brought to you from/by Hamburg, Germany and from/by breaking down walls.

Top Evening Game

(Men's) Turkey vs. Japan (game 1)

ASE Sports (Marc & Ben) commentating

World's of WCBB 2018  - ZA DONK! ....brought to you on your device, and in-person to fans in Deutschland, by Der Kommissar  (and Sr. Tony in background). .....back in Hamburg town! 

Auf Weidersehen MTV video - to Europa & to the World's!

& to the best Para/WCBB event that 2 sports reporter/kommentators with the whole world watching, could ever dream up..... 

'...got my heart-beat racing, and you were more than just a dream'