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Netherlands vs. Japan, 24 Aug 18

ASE Sports (Marc & Ben) commentating......

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PURPLE - Seat Cushy 4 Tushy

Team Germany WCBB Head Coach

German WCBB Coach Nic Zeltinger on the World's  'Para' Sport of Wheelchair Basketball, in Germany and Europa

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ASE Sports blog - (WC 2018)

Worlds 2018 Gold medal USA vs GB

(Mens) - USA vs. Great Britain

 26 Aug 2018 

ASE Sports (Marc & Vanessa) commentating

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Gomez  - 'the things that are given, not won, are the things that you've earned....

Another World's (of Wheelie BB)

I stepped into, ............into

 Another World(s) - ZA DONK! 2018

Angel, by Kayla from S. Africa