sammy & aspen crew

.....least I'm enjoying the ride

Dragonfly Botanicals CBD & 5280 Prosthetics

World's Best - Connect/Buy


Moto knee mike of Minn

.....I'll be back   .


Kurka - AK from AK

X Games Classic - Andrew Kurka - AK from AK

Kurka Wins 2018 DH Gold!

AK wins 2018 Paralympic Gold in Men's hairy seated Downhill!

Greg from Cali/Vail

The  Red Hot Terminator, back in the 1-track day

California RIP

It only hurts (the ribs) when I laugh ...gone too fast remembering the dominant 8 of 15 top USA 1-track LW2 days of the 90's, Greg at top

Pushing the 1-track (speed) limit

Michael from down under("Heroes of the Slopes" - 2007)

Monte old school

....the Full Monte short

the KBG & Kevin Bramble

yes it's WME's & ASE's Bramble and his KBG machine

Last DJ/Dance w Mary Jane

there goes...........